Use Kaiser Buns To Create Zesty Steak And Cheese Sandwiches

Hollowed-out kaiser buns, shredded beef, cheese, and a variety of toppings and condiments can be used to create steak and cheese sandwiches that combine hearty ingredients with a zesty kick. Purchase fresh-baked ingredients from your local bakery and delicatessen to prepare a mouth-watering meal that stacks up against sandwiches that are sold at a local eatery.

Crusty, Buttery Goodness That Will Absorb Flavors

Kaiser buns are a popular sandwich ingredient due to their crusty texture that is often intertwined with a buttery, rich flavor. Kaiser buns are a suitable-sized bread product for single servings and each bun can be squared or cut in half once you have assembled the ingredients that you have purchased to create your homemade sandwich recipe. Before you hollow out the kaiser buns, prepare some cubed or strip steaks.

A crockpot meal can consist of the meat, sliced onions, and peppers. Add a splash of marinade or some chopped garlic to the pot to marinate the ingredients during  the cooking process. Use a spoon or a knife to carefully hollow out the top and bottom portion of each kaiser bun. Hollowed-out buns will provide more room for the ingredients, and any items that are tucked neatly inside the top or the bottom of a bun will absorb the zesty flavors of your meat mixture.

Stackable Ingredients That Complement Each Other

Once the meat mixture has simmered for a couple hours and you have taste tested the ingredients that are in the crockpot, lay the kaiser buns on a cookie sheet. Place the cookie sheet in your oven for a few minutes to slightly toast the buns. Once the tray has been removed from the oven and the buns have cooled down, use tongs or forks to load the ingredients onto the bottom half of each kaiser bun.

Use a combination of hot and cold ingredients or stick solely to the items that were prepared in the crockpot to fill each sandwich. If you are sharing the food with a loved one, set your dining room table and lay the platter of sandwiches in the center of the table. Fill a couple bowls with potato chips, a garden salad, or another side dish that you think will go well with the zestiness of the sandwiches. Use plastic wrap to store leftover sandwiches. Place the sandwiches inside of your refrigerator and consume them within a day or two.